Аида Аббас | Ирак

Армянские пейзажи, отзывы об Армении

Armenia: the land of my ancestors … the home of my soul. My visit was like trying to go back through history …. re-live and enjoy the warmth of the Armenian spirit. Landscapes were as they just drawn by God’s hand.. there is a thing for every interest or mood … places look different in seasons or even in the same day … lights turn a place to look like another…I felt as if the stones of Monasteries, churches, sites or even ruins were a live, telling how brave & glorious Armenians are… Armenia is rich by her history, rich through her people’s will power. I found Armenians good natured, generous, skilled in hand crafts, dancing, singing,…they’re jealous on their country and working hard for a better future. I was totally amazed by what I saw (Ancient or Modern)… felt proud and lucky…God bless Armenia … I wish to be there again soon. ^_^

Through our visit, we accidentally came in into a tour company “TripToArmeni.am” , I can say that we were lucky to know them .. staff was cheerful and kind (the type of people you like to meet in a trip) .. they were concerned in every detail to maintain our comfort and deliver unforgettable time. The guide, was educated & informative (knew multi-languages), he was a guy with a high spirit, felt his excitement and noticed how serious he was in his duty… we became friends with them since then.